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Paradigm shifts and grandchildren.

When I was young I lived in a slower changing world then the one my grandchildren are exposed to today. Fortunely my parents and some of the other adults in my young life were good role models. I read a lot and went to good schools. There was an awareness in our home that independent thought and skepticism was healthy - and to question all authority.

In my teens the books that interested me most were non-fiction and 'controversial'. Books on war like 'Hiroshima Diary', on the environment like 'Silent Spring', about commercialism like 'The American Way of Death', and on race relations like 'Black Like Me'. Being sensitive to the precursors of social and political change - and the subtle methods of cultural indoctrination make it possible to recognize and deal with paradigm changes. And the world is again poised for great paradigm changes. Leading edge books in social and scientific change are very important for a rational understanding as to what is happening. So it is my hope that the recommend books I have put into this section of the website will benefit at least my grandchildren - my adult children already know it all!

Happiness, like all things in the universe, is a transient state and can not be thought of as a direct goal or destination. One can enjoy the state of happiness often and in enduring ways when you are in control of your life. But how do you get in control of your life? Trust yourself, know yourself, believe in yourself and take full responsibility for everything that you do, think, and even take responsability for all the things that happens to you! Your life is a result of your thoughts and actions - you create your own reality. And that is why it is so important to understand the influences outside yourself that try to mold or direct your thoughts and actions.

Most people's lives are 'sleep walking through illusions'. If you can live your life in a deliberate manner and not be a slave to your habits or to the roles set for you by others, you will learn to take control of your life to make it a happy one.