TBT - "The Trouble With UFOs"

This photo taken from space was posted recently on Astronaut Scott Kelly's twitter account. It shows India far below - but what got the world excited was the UFO seen in the far right corner ( I put a red arrow to aid the less imaginative viewer). This object is similar to what my brother and I saw on a trip to New Orleans in the early '70's.

It was a cool November night in the rolling hills just north of Austin Texas when we pulled into a gas station to fuel up. When we got out of the truck we noticed a crowd of people looking and pointing at the night sky - some strange lights and objects had everyone excited.

We were in the countryside, far from any city, so the night sky was clear and full of stars. But these big cigar shaped objects with colorful glowing lights were not stars, and since they were stationary, they were not airplanes either. They appeared to be at a low altitude of about 500 feet and less then 1/2 mile from the road we were on.

It was hunting season and some of the spectators in the gas station parking lot went to their vehicles and got out binoculars and hunting rifles with scopes to have a better look. This went on for some time and my brother Spike and I both had ample opportunity to study these objects with borrowed binoculars.

Then about 20 minutes after our arrival at the gas station the objects raced off over the horizon at an incredible speed, leaving everyone trying to give a rational explanation for what we all witnessed.

Over the years and on rare occasion either my brother or I would bring up the subject of UFOs and the memory of what we experienced that night. It was such a surreal experience and would get so buried in our subconscious that we had to go over it once in a while to reassure ourselves that it actually happened - to validate those suppressed memories! I guess that is the way our minds work when we experience a reality that is too difficult to accept - we bury those thoughts associated with the experience.

Last year was the last Thanksgiving that my brother and I will ever share together. Spike is gone now and I no longer have anyone that was there to discuss that mystery with - and maybe nothing is a mystery to him anymore.