TBT - (1969) "Baja to Woodstock"

My wife is reminiscing about her Woodstock Experience (today being the 45th anniversary) and communicating via phone and social media with her friends that shared that unique event.

Who should I call about Baja California 45 years ago?

I was living in a small oasis on the edge of the Sea of Cortez at that time with my first wife and two children. We were to spend the next few months experiencing the desert by the sea in a place so remote that the rest of the world all but disappeared from view and mind.

The days were long and sunny, but cool enough because we were in the ocean skin diving most of the day. When we finally went ashore at the end of the day - the brilliant sunsets encompassed the whole sky and laid a golden glow on everything - including us. The feeling was one of disembodiment - it was like drifting out of the body to meet the beauty of the sky.

And of course we brought back some succulent seafood from the day's diving to enjoy for diner. Then, after diner, a walk along the narrow white sand track under the towering date palms to emerge out into the open desert and look again to the sky.

The sky looked like it was full of brilliant diamonds. The atmosphere so pure that not only did most stars not 'blink' - but you could actually read a newspaper - even in the absence of moonlight.

Barbara had a magical day 45 years ago - so did I - but not with 500,000 other people in the same spot!