TBT - (1998) "European Escapades"

Sixteen years ago this month Barbara and I had the opportunity to spend three weeks in a beautiful 600 year old Danish farm house. Good friends offered the place to us through a house swap - so off we went!

For some time I had been hoping for an opportunity to check into the birth places of my paternal ancestors - granddad was from Niebull and grandmother from Cologne, both German towns in the present century. Niebull is actually an enclave for the Frisian culture, the last of the Vikings.

We had a great time exploring Denmark and Germany - castles cathedrals, museums and of course the Rhine cruise. In my grandfather's home town of Niebull I looked into the phone book to see if there was anyone with my surname as it is extremely rare to find it in America. The town was full of Mommsens!!!

We were in Europe while the impeachment of Bill Clinton was in progress. Europeans kept asking us what is wrong with Americans that they act so immature - especially in politics. They said our politicians act like adolescents fighting in the school yard. No one in Europe makes a big fuss about the sex life of their political leaders (just the religious leaders?). I reminded them that we are still a young nation - so give our country time to grow up and act like an adult.

So today, 16 years later, we are still waiting for mature leadership in the party of "No!".