TBT - "The Trouble With Driving in Indonesia".

This is the fifth installment of the "Trouble With Driving" series.

Bali in the '90's.

Bali, perhaps the most exotic place on earth, has beautiful scenic highways around their small island countryside and some very chaotic streets in the cities. Barbara and I have great memories of this Hindu enclave in this Muslim island nation.

Everything in Bali is expressed in some kind of artistic form and there are religious symbols and offerings everywhere, including alongside the roads in front of individual residential homes. Each village on the island specializes in different art mediums (stone sculpture, wood carvings, jewelry, batik clothing, etc.) and their merchandise is on display roadside to catch the eye of passing visitors.

Traveling around the island is to experience an intoxicating giant kaleidoscope of colors and art forms, but it is highly recommended that you hire a vehicle and driver to take you where you want to go. Besides the danger of too many visual distractions on the roads and streets - the driver also has to deal with the English method of driving on the left side of the road! Before traveling to Bali we were forewarned that the Indonesian courts come down hard on foreign drivers who have been involved in traffic accidents in their country. You will be automatically judged at fault for the traffic accident under all circumstances!

How can that be? According to the reasoning of the Indonesian courts - if you had stayed home in your own country and not traveled to Bali, Indonesia, the accident would never have happened!

How do you win that argument?