"How now Chairman Mao?" I am about to enter the Forbiden City with Barbara and our tour group. The experience inside is every bit as impressive as the movie "The Last Emperior".


TBT - (2014) "Where Are You Lao Tzu?"

Last Thursday Barbara and I were in China - an amazing place with an exceptionally rich cultural history of 5,000+ years, an impressive list of firsts in ancient technology, and of course the 'biggest' in several categories, such as walls, dams, cities (including the world's biggest subway systems and city squares) - and do not forget, the biggest population (1.34 billion people).

But what about Lao Tzu? A book called 'The Tao Te Ching', was written by him about 2,500 years ago in China and has been a great source of inspiration for millions, including myself. To finally come to the country and culture that produced such a magnificent book was a dream come true. Where some might ask themselves: "What would Jesus do?" - I ask myself: "What would Lao Tzu do?". Has a nice ring to it too.

We climbed the Great Wall (just a very small portion of the 4,000+ miles), visited the emperor's tomb with the army of Terra-cotta Warriors in Xi'an, cruised the Yangtze River and the Three Gorges, called at the home of Gen. Stilwell in Chongqing, and walked the Bund at night in Shanghai. Well - that is the highlights anyway - there was much more squeezed into that two weeks of high adventure!

So what did we think of the place? I will save our observations and comments for later - maybe after we visit another place in the future with thousands of years of historical significance - Jerusalem. We will spend some time at the Wailing Wall, and after a period of reflection I will write something comparative about the two places titled: "Ancient Civilizations: From Wall to Wall" !

'The Bund' at night in Shanghai. It like a jump into the future to be in Shanghai - and the past. One side of the river has the buildings of the glory days of colonalism and the opposite side has the latest architectural designs. A great experience!