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Title: Supply local water needs before export
Author: P. Baldwin, J. Robinson, M. Sovaki, T. Tabokai, G. Titili, P. Wiese,
P. Williams
Date: Wednesday, 12 November 2003

There has been quite a lively debate for the past few months over the appropriate use of one of the most precious of resources in the world today - pure water. Islands have very limited resources of any kind - and the exploitation of their drinking water is a very serious matter.

The world in general, and most Islands in particular, are running short of natural clean drinking water due to increasing demand, polution, and waste. Many coastal areas have discovered all too late that if they draw the water from their underground aquafers faster then rains can replenish them - the seawater will seep under the land and ruin the wells. That process and another one - injection of untreated waste water deep into the ground, is ruining water resources in places like Florida.

Islands are like boats - the smaller the boat, the more care it takes to keep it afloat. Obviously no small Islands can afford to seriously deplete their naturaly stored water. The bigger ones? Well - they need to look for export dollars and more local employment with whatever is marketable. But is bottled water the right product? If we are thinking along the lines of a unique Island product of high demand abroad - there is something else that is starting to gain interest worldwide, and it is a drink product as well!

The best possible export products are ones labeled 'Value Added' because it means a raw resource has not be shipped out the country of origin at a cheap price for profitable refinement (and benefit) elsewhere. So why not sell 'value added' water? One drink that is growing very fast in popularity around the world today is Coconut Juice.

Coconut juice from young coconuts is very alkalinizing to the body because it is high in Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium. This delicious juice is called Buko Juice in the Philippines, and is excellent for replacing electrolytes or rejuvenating the body on a hot summers day. It is Nature's sport drink - millions of years in development, and much healthier for you then the artificial ones with the phony colors. Coconut Water is also an excellent way to maintain the body's healthy PH balance. When your system is under stress, from work or illness, the water from young coconuts is one of the best aids for recovery.

Think about it. You can build in all the marketing mestique that went into 'Island Water' into "Island Coconut Tonic'. The health benefits are clearly a great selling point - even beyond the 'organic store' sales. Turning 'Island Water' into 'Island Coconut Juice' is the value added process - and it will replace pennies with dollars. The benefits go beyond just export dollars - it increases employment and benefits to all Islanders that want to participate. And the by-products - Coconut shell carbon and Coconut fiber are export products of high demand as well. So that multiplies both the export and employment value of Coconuts processed for their valuble products.

Just a note here about a subject I previously addressed on this forum, 'How Much More? (crime & violence)'. In my response I offered advice on using banishment as a tool to curb the growing problem of gangs and violence in the Island communities. Just today the Associated Press has published an article stating that many of the Native American Tribes of America are effectively using that very same method (banishment from the tribe and tribal lands) to stop the problem of gangs and violence in their communities. This is wisdom of the past, remembered and used again. Go to this web address to read the article: http://www.cnn.com/2004/LAW/01/02/banishing.indians.ap/index.html

Brian R. Mommsen
02 January 2004