Nature's Ecstasy

First I read about it,
Then I talked about it
And sought it;
So where in the world,
Did I finally experience it?
That spiritual soaring,
That comes from going out beyond the bounds,
Of physical essences, limits and reminders.
The euphoria of peak experience,
Of being at your most 'aliveness',
And one with the universe.
Moving across moonlit midnight beaches,
Running flat out in the heavy sea mist,
Skipping, bouncing, laughing,
With eyes closed and arms outstretched,
The cool rivulets of moisture running down face and body,
Flying careless, placeless, limitless.
The Timeless Tugging of Tidal Ecstasy.
Clinging to the tops of tall mountains,
Rasping for life's breath in the cold thin air,
While looking down on an oddly diminished world,
A silent planet of patterned rich colors,
With expansive, clear, far away horizons,
A place that seems neither Heaven nor quite Earth.
The Heavenly High of the Mountain Ecstasy.
Wandering along on deserts dominated
By endless days of wavering heat waves,
And nights made bright by unwavering starlight.
A land that seldom asks or gives,
Without great effort or pain,
And unforgiving and unforgettable honesty.
The Desolate Drama of the Desert Ecstasy.
Drawn into equatorial jungle mysteries of green,
A sense of being lost in
Hidden worlds of exotic animals and plants.
Evoking primeval wonder, fear, and curiosity,
Twisting through the moving / living landscape,
Stimulated by the intoxicating odors of life and death.
The Green Garden of the Eden Ecstasy.
Diving the pristine emerald waters of a tropical sea,
Moving in a truly three dimensional world like a high soaring Eagle,
Over the brilliant colored reefs and fishes.
Feeling drawn down by the deeper blue depths,
As I watch shafts of sunlight flash past me
To the unseen bottom of this wet universe.
The Weightless World of Water Ecstasy
Freedom to experience
A simple field of green to roll in,
A rosette sunset to be absorbed in,
A rainbow to see a dream in,
And you too can give in,
To Nature's Ecstasy.